Lucy "Locy" Hegland
Locy's Request copy
"That sounds boring. Lets just party!"
Vital statistics
Position Star of the show
Age 16
Status Overly Confident girl
Physical attributes
Height Average Penguin Height
Weight Average Penguin Weight

Locy8 has a unique fashion style and aditude. You can defiantly call her a party girl. She defiantly has a party look, so you can call her one cool cat.


  • Dian is her cousin.
  • She is incredibly strong.
  • No matter what you say to her, she still thinks she is cool
  • She hates preps
  • Believe or not, she has never dyed her hair.


  • "PARTY TIME!!!"
  • "Nails wish they were as tough as me!!"
  • "Who needs super-penguin abilities when you've got awesomeness!"